How Digital Marketing Can Be Revolutionized with SEO Conferences

seo conferenceDigital marketing or the more simple term internet marketing is taking over the world like never before. Gone the days TV commercials and banners did the job. Now is the time of digitizing. Everything phenomenal happening in the world is put into light through internet these days. Experts says the key to a successful business is to articulate the people`s interest in the direction of your product. To connect with the audience through similar words and ideas and this manipulation of grabbing the audience in the digitizing world is known as Search Engine Optimization. You want to a website or a product out there you better be an expert in SEO and its other branches.

SEO and internet marketing is growing rapidly and it is taking over the business world. Everything is shifting to the internet and that has increased the need of SEO experts and analysts even more than ever. Converting the traffic towards your website or to increase its ranking in the search engine requires extensive knowledge of the search engine algorithms and great marketing skills. For this purpose many SEO conferences are organized to make these experts and also beginners to be aware of all the newest trends and the new advanced skills that are being developed.

A SEO conference which focuses on the interaction between the profound sellers and buyers is the Interactivity Digital conference though it focuses more on the leading trends rather than any basic education or detailing. It targets towards a particular agenda of the year and coveys all the details about it. Like this year they focused on SEO and SEM sessions. Their conference sessions on SEO were based on enhancing your business with the help of SEO and SEM techniques. Other things which were included in their agenda were email marketing, link building and much more with highly trained professionals.

Walking Dead Season 6 – The tele-emotions that will capture you!

the walking dead season 6 onlineA saga of betrayal and wrongdoings, this series of Walking dead that was aired in October, 2015, has gained rave reviews for the things that it showcases. The main character this time recovers from coma and the other loses his trust. There are characters that become mentally unstable because of the trauma they suffered so the story this time runs a bit deeper and acquires a more complex face.

Why the plot is more interesting now?

The story becomes interesting in the initial plot because there are various new characters who are being incorporated into the story and which makes it a lot more enticing. The viewers like in the previous episodes remain enchanted in the present series of the walking dead season 6 online. The best thing is that with the availability of good data one can easily view the episodes of the series online.

This time the characters are being included as per the long running comic series in which the series is being based upon. The main character of the series Rick will face brutal plot of his own assassination and will question his own ethics and inner voice that makes the plot even more gripping.

the walking dead season 6 online
Danai Gurira as Michonne and Lennie James as Morgan – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1

Why the show has so many viewers worldwide?

As aforesaid, the plot gets interesting with as the story progresses. The special effects used in the plot are even better and makes it more complex for the user to understand it by thinking a bit deeper about the happenings.

In the present season, the characters are separated from each other and their many of the pots come to failure. The character named Daryl helps the three survivors to hide from the attackers and eventually he is betrayed by the two of the survivors. Finally he reaches up to Rick though a call and listens to a voice”help”.

What to consider before buying 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe

Have you ever dreamt of buying a car? If you have then I believe different models of cars have crossed your mind, including a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe. It is normal we sometimes we wish we had all types of models and even try some that we have seen our friends and family drive. It is fun to try different car models. It is like an adventure. Some are good and some are not very good. Also, different car models are meant for different persons. There are those who do not love speed and there is also a category of people who love speed and sports car suite them better.  So what is it that you need to consider before buying a car.

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe

Cost of the car

Cost is something that you should never ignore. As you know different car models including a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe have different price tags on them. There are those that are very expensive, those that can be said to be average and those who are considered to be affordable not cheap. The car model that you choose will most definitely be determined by the size of your wallet. If you have a small wallet, then you have to be comfortable with what you can afford. There is no reason to be sad, it is possible to get a good car that you are able to maintain without straining that is within your budget.  All that you have to do is to do a little search, from different car dealers.

Car model

Once you know the budget that you have and have looked for different cars that you can be able to buy the next step is to look at the different models that are available to you. Consider the advantages and disadvantages that they have and make a choice.



Castor Oil Organic- Wonder Oil

Castor oil is full of medicinal properties, which are useful for skin, hairs and other health issues. Though, it is usually ignored for its healing capacity; because of its solid and sticky consistency. If you are looking, a cheap and effective remedy then castor oil is your cup of tea. The oil easily enters deep into skin and makes it fresh looking. It also magnetizes moisture to the skin and keeps it there. Generally the castor oil organic is used as a beauty product and, because of its purity you will get superb benefits from the usage oil.

Usage of castor oil organic for skin:-

  • It helps to treat and cure dry skin and persistent itching.
  • Helps to remove or stop marks and creases on skin.
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Can be used to cure fungal infection
  • Works as a disinfectant on an open sore

Castor oil organic

Castor oil organic is an antiseptic and anti-bacterial agent. It improves the immunity system of a body and help to fight with many diseases. It also helps in re-growth of the hair and lessens the hair fall. As it is very sticky, it creates a coat over the hair which prevents them from falling. It works on your eyelashes and makes them thick and heavy, and also improves natural shine of your lips. Many cosmetic companies use castor oil as an ingredient in lip balm.

You can purchase a certified castor oil organic online and can check reviews. A good castor oil helps you to lessen your hair and skin problems. Be very careful while purchasing oil, and always prefer cold pressed or raw oil. With the remedial properties, there are some side effects also reported about the oil. Do not use or take over dose, and always discuss with with a health expert.



Neko Atsume – The Most Entertaining and Fun Game of Our Time

Neko Atsume is one of the most entertaining and fun Japanese games of all time. Most popularly known as the Kittnen Collector in English, Neko Atsume is a light hearted game where you attract in cute little kittens in your yard with toys and snacks you left for them there and collect the kittens. The game offers over 40 varieties of cats to collect while the ones you collect will register on your Catbook. The game may sound simple enough that you may just put food and toys in your yard and cats will come in willingly, for that purpose specifically some tricks and tips have been compiled in this article to help you gain a pro-status in the game.

neko atsume cheats

The best luring items are the toys. You can place many types of toys in your yard which attract cats. Well certainly the toys cost your silver and gold fishes according to the quality of the toy though the better the toy the rarer the cat you collect. Just like toys food is the second item with which you attract your kittens and collect them on you Catbook. The food you put in the yard will lure the cats and they will eat it and definitely the expensive ones will attract the rare cats. The most fun part of attracting and collecting kittens is that once they have claimed the toys and eaten the food they will leave off gifts for you when they leave your yard. The gifts the kitten leaves are naturally the currency of the game that is the silver fish and the gold fish which will further help you in the game even when you are not logged in the game you will receive the gifts. Though it may sound easier to get the kittens, it requires cunning moves and some apt Neko Atsume Cheats from your side.

Interior Design for Hospitals

Interior design of hospital is another branch of the overall hospital building construction. The interior design elements in a hospital have to be user friendly to the highest level as there are many medical emergency services that are provided by the hospital. Stairways and the corridor have to be very broad and wide as compared to other office spaces as the use of stairways, passages is optimum in hospitals. The provision and placement of lift services has to be exact and in the most approachable location in the vicinity.

Separate approach to the emergency services as well as its connectivity with the rest of the important wings in the hospital has to be foremost concern of the interior designers. The planning and execution of proper operation theatres and related post operative care unit in good consonance shall also be the job of the interior designer. Corporate visitor area has to be created within the hospital premises for the attendants and guests of the patients and adequate care has to be taken to make sure that this visitor area is within the hospital building but out of the critical care areas in the hospital.

hdb interior designThere is a huge scope that the interior designers at hdb interior design have with regard to the spaces available in the hospital as most of the construction related hospitals are taken up in huge tracts of land and the constraints of space for good interior designs are reduced considerably.

Sufficient provision for future addition of facilities has to be provided and incorporated in the initial interior design itself to avoid constrain of space for expansion. The correct and appropriate planning as far as diagnostic services and pharmacy location within the hospital building is the desired requirement that any interior designer has to take into active consideration before the start of work.

Corporate SEO Agency – Dealing With Multiple Projects

seo agency1Corporate SEO agency will be dealing with multiple projects.  Since you are going to be working on different forecasts you might not be able to come up with an idea about the kind of workflow you can achieve.  Recurring revenue is crucial when working as an agency.  When dealing with corporate clients it can get easier to achieve a stable client portfolio.  With a corporate company it would be nice to sign up for a long term contract.

When a majority of the income is streamlined to be regular, it would be easier to be less worried about finances and you will be able to concentrate more on work.  It is important to achieve steady cash flow when the clients are paying their bills on time.  You would be able to take calculated risks.  It would be possible for you to innovate and excel.

It is also important to not rely heavily on one account type.  It is important to know that corporate companies land up facing bankruptcy issues, and when mergers happen they face change in policies, there are likely to be internal changes in management due to newer acquisitions.  Therefore, you have to make sure that you are not depending on just one account type.

No matter how good a project moves ahead, there are many factors that can lead you to losing business.  Remember, money is controlled by many variables and not all of them are under your control.  As a corporate advanced seo agency you will forever have overhead and therefore it is important that you build up a portfolio that is well balanced.  It is very important to play with a portfolio where your clients are working with less distraction. Also, you should standardize the services you are providing and you should come up with a price for that.

How to hack the 8 Ball Pool Coin

8 ball pool hack1The 8 Ball Pool game is a popular online game that is played between multiple opponents and by participation in online tournaments to unlock achievements and ranks. However the initial user has to challenge the opponent’s many number of times to eventually win to unlock the rewards called as coins upon winning. There are different levels in the online 8 Ball Pool game. The player has to redeem the coins that he has won or collected over a period of time and the numerous levels of games that he managed to win from his opponents. Due to low number of coins the player fails to unlock certain game levels and tournaments.

Tips to unlock pool coin

To overcome the problem of not being able to unlock all the achievements in the 8 Ball Pool game the player can resort to hack of the game to receive unlimited coins and money to unlock all his favorite achievements and levels for free. There are specific softwares available online to understand the 8 Ball Pool game better and unlock all the achievements.

The 8 Ball Pool hack tool is an easy to use software to unlock and get unlimited coins and cash easily. The prominent features provided in this tool are for providing unlimited coins and cash and all the achievements in the game getting unlocked by using this tool. The tool also comes with an auto aim feature for the players to use during Complex match progress. This 8 Ball Pool coin hack tool comes with an anti-ban protection rendering it as a safe tool. Moreover it is free from viruses which is a very important criterion before using this software. The 8 Ball Pool hack tool is available online and can be used on all platforms of game play like Android and IOS operating systems.

Cat Lover’s Guide to Buy Best Cat Litter Box !

Imagine you have before you a wide array of bathrooms; some may be large and spacious, others exceptionally clean, or maybe even a simple “port-a-potty.” Each person has their own preferences on what features they look for in a bathroom. It is not hard to imagine, then, that cats likewise have different needs and wants when it is time for them to find a place to use the restroom. With that in mind, what do you need to consider when deciding how to choose the best cat litter box

Cat in litter box
Cat in litter box

To begin with, it is important to understand the nature of cats. As a species, they are very clean animals- for this reason, many people choose cats as pets because they are very low maintenance creatures. To add to this, they have an extremely sensitive sense of smell. So the biggest problem when figuring out how to choose the right cat litter boxes is determining the proper size for your cat- too small, and your feline friend may be disgruntled more often when it is stepping on it’s own waste.

In application, as a rule of thumb, the bigger the litter box, the more your cat will enjoy it. This is a good thing for you as the cat owner because the more your cat likes the box, the less you will have to worry that they will look for other, less suitable places to do their business.

In addition to size, shape is another option you have to consider when shopping around. There are many different kinds from enclosed “igloo” shaped litter boxes, uncovered litter trays, and even commonly used are big, plastic storage containers. This is where your circumstances come into play- Do you have an older cat that could have difficulties jumping into a box?- maybe a litter box with a ramp or steps would help. Do you have other pets that may look for little “treats” in the litter box?- perhaps an enclosed model would suit those needs better.

You can also choose the manner in which the waste is disposed and absorbed. They now make litter boxes that automatically self clean; this could possibly be the best choice for someone with multiple cats in the home. Or you could choose a litter box that you simply fill with a clumping litter and clean it out yourself. They also sell litter that is all natural, flushable, and biodegradable.

As cat people, we are all concerned about our little members of the family- they deserve to have a clean sanctuary to turn to. The pet care industry is definitely appealing to the different needs of cat owners today producing a wide range of products to suit every animal. With that in mind, important aspects to consider would include size, shape, and manner of cleaning. By just taking a little time to consider the best solution for your situation, it will be easy to know how to choose the right cat litter boxes for your family.

A brief review of Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgage can also be called as a home equity conversion mortgage. This type of mortgage is especially applicable to the senior citizens who own a property and are in need of money but are not in a position to repay in monthly installment. This type of mortgage allows the senior citizen to pledge their property for certain amount and before the repayment tell their death or sell or move out of the property. In this kind of mortgage since there is no monthly repayment of mortgage money the interest is added to the loan account balance each and every month.

Risks of Reverse Mortgage

However it is pertinent to note that in the event of the mortgagor staying on in the said premises for a longer duration than that is anticipated would eventually give rise to a condition where in the loan and the interest added every month would increase beyond the actual market valuation of the property in question. Even in such a situation a borrower is not asked to repay any additional amount to the mortgagee in excess of or more than the value prevalent at the point of time.

mortgage payoff calculator

There are specific rules in specific countries around the world in the implementation of the reverse mortgage. In other words the reverse mortgage is country specific. In certain instances of reverse mortgage the borrower is given the option of repayment at any point of time without taking over the property in question. In the event of death of the borrower the legal hairs of the borrower are given the option of repayment or relinquishment of the loan towards the property as they wish. The reverse mortgage is very complex type of mortgage and adequate knowledge and the judicious approach would be required to fulfill a reverse mortgage deed as also using a mortgage payoff calculator like one here is also advisable.


Hair Growth Supplements for Diabetes Related Hair Loss

hair growth supplement2Diabetes has a negative impact on the circulatory system of the body.  This means the capability of the blood circulation to provide for the nutrient and oxygen requirements of the scalp hair is decreased.  This is also true with nutrition and oxygen supply to the upper and lower extremities.  Poor blood circulation will lead to the death of hair follicles.  When there are no hair follicles, there is no scope for hair growth.

When it comes to deciding on the hair growth supplements to trigger and sustain the well being of hair follicles which in turn will help in hair growth.  The shrinking and detachment of the hair follicle is a common happening as a part of the hair growing phase.  In the Catagen phase, the hair follicle detaches from the dermal papilla.  Detaching from the dermal papilla is indicative of the hair strand reaching the resting phase, this means this hair would not continue to grow.  It will be in the resting phase for some days contributing to the volume of hair in the head and after sometime it will fall.  And new hair will start to grow.

If the hair reaches the resting phase naturally, the simultaneous growth of new hair also will take place.  However, in the case of diabetes related hair loss, the resting phase is a forced one. This is happening due to poor nutritional supply due to poor blood circulation.  f you can take in stuff that increases blood circulation you will be doing what it takes to make nutrients available to the hair follicles.

The simply solution of all is to incorporate root ginger in to your diet.  Ginger tea helps.  You will see results slowly and steadily.

There are a wide range of hair growth supplements that can be customized for your blood profile by your trichologist and diabetician, click here if you want to find out more.

A Fine Summer Wine Ninebark

Tim Wood, my favorite plant breeder, has given us a Summer Wine finer than any of its kind. I tested this plant last year and fell in love. It has to be the finest ninebark I’ve ever met. She blazed right past the severe drought and long periods of high heat here in North Carolina in my Zone 7 garden. I can highly recommend this 5 to 6 ft shrub. Hardy to zone 3!

All pictures are from Proven Winners Plants used with permission.
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Hardiness: USDA Zone 3

The following information is copied from Color Choice Plants

Bloom Time: Mid-summer

Bloom Color: Pinkish-white

Foliage color: Deeply cut, dark crimson-red leaves

Size: 5-6 feet tall, 4-5 feet wide, excellent branching

Exposure: Full sun for best color

Soil: Adaptable to difficult situations. Withstands acidic and alkaline soils.

Pruning: Summer Wine forms its flower buds in later summer and then flowers in early June. The best time to prune is it after it blooms, from mid-June to mid-August.  Cease pruning in mid-august to allow time for the flower buds to form prior to winter.

As a young plant it is best to prune or pinch your plant in order to build a full bodied, well branched plant.  If the plant is leggy when you purchased it, shear the plant back hard by 1/3  to 1/2 its original size. Once it puts on an inch or two of growth, pinch the branch tips to remove just the growing tip. This tip controls branching.  Once it is removed the buds below it will turn into stems. Once these new branches grow an inch or two, pinch the tip out again. You can repeat this throughout the first growing season as you are tending your garden.  Although you will sacrifice one year of bloom, this technique results in a well branched, full bodied plant that will have more flowers in subsequent years. The second season in the ground, repeat the pinching practice (or lightly shear) up until mid-August.  Cease pruning and pinching to allow the flower buds to set.

During the third and subsequence seasons, prune or pinch after flowering and up to bud set in mid-August. Do not be afraid to prune or shear your plant harder if you wish to maintain a shorter size.

Watering: Medium moisture. Can tolerant dry conditions once established.

Wildlife: songbirds

Type: Deciduous

Fertilizing: Fertilize in early spring by applying a slow release fertilizer specialized for trees & shrubs. Follow the label for recommended rate of application.

Uses: Groupings or masses, perennial or shrub borders, containers, screens.

Other: Native to North America. Bark on older plants exfoliates into papery strips. Fruit is very beautiful in the fall.

An exciting new improvement to Ninebark, SUMMER WINE® combines the fine texture and compact branching of Physocarpus ‘Nana’ with the dark foliage of Physocarpus ‘Diabolo’.

Smaller and more highly branched than other ninebark varieties SUMMER WINE® ninebark is an easy way to introduce dark purple foliage into the home garden.  It is fast growing and has few, if any, pest problems.  Pruning and other maintenance is rarely needed.  Use it as a bold accent or part of a mixed border.  SUMMER WINE™ may even be cut for use in arrangements.

This is a trouble-free addition to either the home or commercial landscape.


90 Day Wage Garnishment in Chapter 7

90 Day Wage Garnishment in Chapter 7




f/k/a NationsBank, N.A. *


Appellant, *


v. * Civil JFM-99-3678




Appellee. *




This bankruptcy appeal presents the question of whether a Chapter 7 bankruptcy debtor, exercising the avoidance power conferred upon him by 11 U.S.C. § 522(h), may recover wages garnished by a judgment creditor within the ninety-day preference period. The bankruptcy court, answering this question in the affirmative, held that the debtor, Kenneth W. Stine, was entitled to recover $1,064.05 that NationsBank had obtained from him pursuant to wage attachments. I find that Stine may avoid the garnishments as preferential transfers but that he must count the $1,064.05 against the $6,000 limit on exemptions imposed by Maryland law upon bankruptcy debtors. Since the bankruptcy court did not address the latter point, I will remand the case for the entry of an appropriate order.


Section 522(h) provides that a debtor who files for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 may bring an 1The $6,000 limit is computed by adding the value of the exemptions found in sections 11- 504(b)(4), 11-504(b)(5) and 11-504(f).


action to avoid a transfer “to the extent that the debtor could have exempted such property. . . if the trustee had avoided such transfer.” In In re Humphrey, 165 B.R. 578 (Bankr. D. Md. 1993), the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland, applying the statutory criteria, articulated a five-part test for determining when a debtor may avoid a transfer. The Humphrey test requires that (1) the debtor could have exempted the property at issue; (2) the transfer would have been avoidable by the trustee; (3) the trustee has not attempted to avoid the transfer; (4) the transfer was not voluntary;

and (5) the debtor did not conceal the property. Id. at 580. The parties assume that the Humphrey test applies and agree that the last four elements have been met. The only dispute concerns element one: whether the debtor could have exempted the wages garnished by the judgment-creditor.

The bankruptcy code lists the exemptions available to a bankruptcy debtor. 11 U.S.C. § 522(d). However, the code also provides that a state may opt out of the federal exemption scheme.

11 U.S.C. § 522(b)(1). Maryland has done so and created exemptions of its own. Md. Code Ann., Cts. & Jud. Proc. § 11-504 (1998). These exemptions are somewhat complicated but for present purposes it is sufficient to say that under section 11-504 there is a general limit of $6,000 on the exemptions a debtor filing for bankruptcy may claim for cash and other personal property.1


The crux of this case turns upon the interpretation of section 11-504(e) of the Maryland Courts and Judicial Proceedings Code, which provides that “[t]he exemptions in this section do not apply to wage attachments.” NationsBank argues that this language plainly excepts from the


exemptions a debtor can claim under section 11-504 monies that have been garnished from him pursuant to a wage attachment. Thus, Stine was not authorized to avoid NationsBank’s garnishments because he could not have exempted the wages when they were garnished. NationsBank draws support for its position not only from the statutory language but also from the statutory scheme it contends the language reflects. According to NationsBank, Maryland law establishes two separate and independent mechanisms for enforcing the collection of judgments: wage attachments and other forms of levy. By the express terms of section 11-504(e), the exemptions provided by section 11-504 apply only to the latter. The only exemption for wage attachments is provided by the wage attachment statute itself, which exempts from garnishment 75% of a debtor’s wages. Md. Code Ann., Comm. Law II § 15-601.1 (2000). That exemption is not available to Stine because he already received its protection when NationsBank attached his wages.


NationsBank’s position is not unreasonable. But it has the untoward effect in cases such as this of insulating from avoidance preferential wage attachments to the detriment of the bankruptcy estate and the debtor’s other creditors. Presumably, when enacting sections 11-504 and 15-601.1, the Maryland General Assembly did not intend unnecessarily to undermine a fundamental policy of federal bankruptcy law. Therefore, if section 11-504 can be read in a manner that reconciles both federal and state interests, it is that reading that must govern.

Stine provides such a reading. In his view section 11-504(e)’s exception of “wage attachments” from the other provisions of section 11-504 does not mean that garnished wages can never be eligible for exemption under section 11-504 but only that a debtor cannot assert at the time 2The parties’ respective interpretations of section 11-504(e) create an apparent paradox.

Adhering to the logic of its argument, NationsBank asserts the pro-debtor view that a debtor filing for bankruptcy may claim the exemption of 75% of wages established by section 15-601.1 in addition to his section 11-504 exemptions. For example, according to NationsBank, if a debtor is paid $3,000, $750 (25%) of which is garnished, and immediately thereafter files for bankruptcy while his remaining $2,250 in wages are identifiable as such, he may claim an exemption for that $2,250 without counting it against the $6,000 limit for cash and personal property established by section 11-504. Stine’s reading of section 11-504, on the other hand, leads him to the pro-creditor conclusion that section 15-601.1’s exemption does not survive a bankruptcy filing and that in the hypothetical just stated, the debtor would have to count the $2,250 against his $6,000 limit.

Although I need not decide the question of which of these positions is correct, if I were of the view that Stine’s interpretation of section 11-504(e) did violence to the 75% exemption provided by section 15-601.1, I would not find (as I do) that his interpretation properly accommodates Maryland’s statutory interests. In fact, I believe his interpretation is consonant with those interests. Section 15- 601.1 provides an exemption for nonbankruptcy debtors for the purpose of providing them with a means of sustenance immune from the demands of creditors. While that purpose is entirely legitimate, once a debtor files for bankruptcy, he or she is protected under federal bankruptcy law. Therefore, there is no reason for the section 15-601.1 exemption to survive a debtor’s bankruptcy filing.


of the attachment an exemption under section 11-504 for the 25% that has been garnished by the creditor.2 This interpretation fully serves section 11-504(e)’s important and legitimate goal. If section 11-504(e) did not exist, a debtor could frustrate one of the purposes of section 15-601.1 by asserting the section 11-504 exemptions each time a wage attachment is served to immunize from collection the 25% portion of the wages to which a creditor is entitled under section 15-601.1. As aptly stated by the Bankruptcy Court in Smoot v. Swann Hill Cond. Unit Owners, 237 B.R. 875, 880 (Bankr. D. Md. 1999), “[s]uch a practice would effectively defeat a judgment-creditor’s ability to realize the benefits of the wage garnishment and thereby nullify the remedy.”

Section 11-504(e) thus provides a shield for a creditor who has properly garnished  wages under section 15-601.1 against a debtor’s misuse of section 11-504 exemptions. The shield is a critical 3The record in this case does not reveal the reasons for that decision. It is not uncommon, however, for trustees to forego avoidance actions in certain circumstances. As counsel pointed out during argument, in many cases the costs of avoiding the preference will exceed the value of the transfer. One of the purposes of section 522(h) is to provide a mechanism in such circumstances for avoiding preferential transfers which would otherwise unfairly benefit one creditor over another.

4Stine’s concession on this point is consistent with, but not dependent on, his conclusion that section 15.601.1’s exemption does not survive his bankruptcy filing. See footnote 2, supra. Whatever the merits of the parties’ respective contentions on the question of whether a bankruptcy debtor should be able to claim a separate exemption for his 75% share of garnished wages (identifiable as such) at the time of his bankruptcy filing, clearly he has no exemption under section 15.601.1 for the 25% share that section 15.601.1 allows to be garnished. Therefore, he must rely on the exemptions provided in section 11-504 and also abide by their limits.


part of the statutory scheme and must be honored. NationsBank, however, is seeking to use the shield as a sword to frustrate the policy of federal bankruptcy law of avoiding preferential transfers. This is not a case in which Stine asserted section 11-504(e) exemptions to defeat a lawful garnishment at the time his wages were attached. Rather, his aim is to undo preferential transfers to which NationsBank is not entitled under federal law. Unquestionably, the bankruptcy trustee could have avoided the transfers, but he chose not to do so.3 In such a case 11 U.S.C. § 522(h) confers derivative authority upon the debtor to avoid the preference. Of course, Stine cannot use that authority to recover and retain for himself property in excess of the total amount of exemptions to which he was entitled under section 11-504. See Humphrey, 165 B.R. at 580 (debtor only entitled to avoid a transfer where proceeds “could have” been exempted). However, Stine acknowledges that he must adjust his schedules to reduce his other claimed exemptions by each dollar he recovers from NationsBank.


Thus, in the final analysis, Stine’s avoidance of the preferential transfers will place him, NationsBank, and his other creditors in the positions they should have occupied at the moment he filed for bankruptcy.


In sum, Stine’s interpretation of section 11-504(e), while lacking the virtuous simplicity of NationsBank’s, has the higher virtue of harmonizing state and federal policy. Sophisticated but not sophistic, it reconciles an apparent but unnecessary conflict with subtlety and grace.

Affirmed and remanded.

Date: September 12, 2000 /s/

J. Frederick Motz

United States District Judge





f/k/a NationsBank, N.A. *


Appellant, *


v. * Civil JFM-99-3678




Appellee. *




For the reasons stated in the opinion entered herewith, it is, this 12th day of September, 2000 ORDERED that the judgment entered below is AFFIRMED and the case is REMANDED for proceedings in accordance with this opinion.


J. Frederick Motz

United States District Judge

Amazing Animals That Are Pets – Pets Health

Could you keep any cat in the fish pan? Or any hamster in the horse secure? Would an individual feed bunnie chow in your dog, or make an effort to train any snake to be able to sit? Sure, these are usually silly-even dangerous-things to accomplish. Unfortunately, people take action similar if they keep amazing animals since pets.

Darling bears, glucose gliders, ingrown toenail snakes, environmentally friendly iguanas, african american panthers, rosy boas, traveling squirrels, bearded dragons, veiled chameleons, seen pythons, leopard geckos, even killer dart frogs and also pot-bellied pigs-these are just some of the amazing animals folks sell since pets. It could be easy to get an amazing animal, but it isn’t a good option. It is detrimental to the pets, bad for people and detrimental to the surroundings. And although it could be borderline legal to offer many of these animals, in lots of places it really is illegal to get them.

It’s Detrimental to the Pets

Experts believe it took no less than five thousands of years, and maybe longer as compared to ten thousands of years, regarding wolves to be able to evolve directly into dogs. Thus, there are 1000s of years regarding difference among a wild plus a domestic dog. Domesticated pets like animals don’t excel without folks, and outrageous and amazing animals don’t excel with folks.

In inclusion, the tiny we do know for sure of the wants of amazing animals displays us that individuals simply can not meet these kinds of needs inside captivity. Several monkeys, chickens, and outrageous cats, as an example, all can easily travel many miles within a day. A walk over a leash from the park is not going to cut that.

Since almost all people which keep amazing animals can not meet their particular needs, the animals could be caged, chained, and even beaten directly into submission. At times, people could have an animal’s tooth or claws removed, so your animal can not harm the master even any time he can struggle.

Malnutrition, anxiety, trauma, and behaviour disorders are normal in exotics stored as animals. Unfortunately, getting health care bills is really difficult-and not merely because it could be illegal to own them. For starters, many amazing animals disguise symptoms regarding illness. And also when disease is diagnosed, finding a suitable vet could demand a visit for the zoo. It’s not no problem finding a vet to take care of your glucose glider’s salmonella or perhaps your lemur’s herpes simplex virus!

It’s Detrimental to Us

Together dealer regarding exotic animals input it, “If that walks, crawls, slithers or perhaps flies, it’s likely that we own it. ” Which is true regarding diseases, also. Estimates fluctuate, but professionals agree that one or more in a few reptiles contains salmonella and also shigella. The proportion of reptiles together with salmonella might be 77 to be able to 90 pct. The You. S. Bass and Creatures Service claims that ninety days percent regarding imported environmentally friendly iguanas bring “some tension of digestive tract bacteria. inches

Renquist and also Whitney (1987) give a fantastic summary of lots of the diseases in which primates on your own can broadcast to folks. They record that around 25 pct of equally imported and also domestically carefully bred macaques have got or experienced the herpes simplex virus B trojan.

Here can be a partial set of diseases together with which amazing animals can easily infect human beings: chlamydia, giardia, hepatitis Any, rabies, ringworm, tuberculosis, measles, monkey pox, marburg etc.

Meningitis – An Inflammation Of Membranes Covering Spinal Cord And Brain

It can be critical due to the proximity of the inflammation to the spinal cord and brain. If it is not treated promptly, meningitis may bring about grave lasting consequences like epilepsy, deafness, cognitive deficits and hydrocephalus. Immunization may prevent some types of meningitis. The meningitis type and the cause can be ascertained by a doctor with test results of the laboratory.

Viral meningitis or aseptic meningitis has been found to be the most frequent meningitis type and it is less serious compared to bacterial meningitis. Most aseptic meningitis cases are owing to viruses named enteroviruses which are capable of infecting the small intestine and stomach. A few cases are due to diverse viruses called arboviruses, which are transmitted through infected mosquitoes. Viral meningitis cases are rarely fatal and as a rule the patients get complete recovery.

Bacterial meningitis often is more serious compared to aseptic meningitis, especially in the elderly and infants. Before the commencement of extensive use of antibiotics, 70% or more cases of bacterial meningitis were fatal; by means of antibiotic treatment, now the fatal cases have gone down to 15% or even less. In the spring and winter, bacterial meningitis is found to be most frequent. Most bacterial meningitis cases are instigated by three bacteria: Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pneomoniae or Neisseria meningitides.

Meningitis cannot be considered as highly contagious. Both bacterial meningitis and viral meningitis can get propagated by straight contact with secretions of throat and nose. Healthy people having no signs of the disease can carry the bacteria inside their throat or nose and propagate them infecting others. Sharing a cup, glass or utensil for eating, sneezing or coughing into another person’s face or cigarette sharing are instances of ways for occurrences of contact with respiratory secretions of another person. Viral meningitis can get transmitted as a result of faecal contamination over and above respiratory secretions as a person with the infection excretes or sheds virus in the stool.

Signs and symptoms of meningitis

The most frequent meningitis symptoms are neck stiffness and headache coupled with confusion or distorted consciousness, vomiting, fever and incapability of tolerating loud noises or phonophobia and light or phtophobia. At times, particularly in small kids merely nonspecific symptoms are present for example, drowsiness and irritability. When there is the presence of a rash, it may signify a specific cause for meningitis; for example, meningitis brought about through meningococcal bacteria can be associated with a distinctive rash.

Diagnosis and treatment of meningitis

The test of cerebrospinal fluid can be performed for ascertaining the meningitis type bringing about the symptoms. Such detection is essential in choosing effectual antibiotics to treat cases of bacterial meningitis.

Treatment of patients with aseptic or viral meningitis usually involves diminishing fever and ensuring their intake of a lot of liquids. However, all three bacterial meningitis forms need the instant medical attention from a doctor and treatment can be done with numerous antibiotics. Proper meningitis treatment with antibiotics for most bacterial meningitis types should decrease the rate of fatality to about 10% although the rate of fatality is elevated in infants, elderly people and individuals with some causal medical conditions.

Prevention of meningitis

Transmission of bacterial and viral meningitis may be prevented by lifting the hygiene level among people with infection risk and among persons who may be propagating the disease. Proper technique of hand washing is of primary importance. Hands should be washed thoroughly after respiratory secretions exposure together with handling of mucky handkerchiefs and tissues. People should cover the mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing and throw away used tissues quickly.

Putting The Monkeypox Treatments In Effect

The symptoms of monkeypox are more or less similar to smallpox. This virus is very closely related to the smallpox called as Variola. The monkeypox, smallpox and cowpox are all of the same family. The disease of monkeypox is easily transferred to the human beings from the animals. The mortality rate of monkeypox is less as compared to that of smallpox. In the disease of monkeypox it creates small pimple like boils on the skin which are near similar to smallpox. This disease is not as deadly as smallpox.

The monkeypox virus has been known to be transmitted from animals or rodents to the human beings. This happens by direct contact with the animals. This disease has not been frequently noted in the human beings. In the initial stages of monkeypox the person experiences fever and nausea and also malaise. Once the fever occurs after a time period of four to seven days the small pimples or lesions occur on the face, trunk which forms into ulcers. These lesions get cleared up within a time span of 14 to 21 days. There could be some scars after the lesions get dried up.

The monkeypox treatments consist of vaccination which has to be done in combination with the smallpox vaccine. This is necessary because it is almost similar to smallpox. The vaccine proves to be more useful when the person is taking an antiviral drugs or any other related medication. The monkeypox treatments if taken on the right time help the patient to recover faster. In most of the cases the patients recover faster and the vaccine is one of the best treatments for this disease.

The experts recommend the vaccination within a time period of 2 weeks after the disease is contracted. The ideal time is within four days from the starting of the monkeypox. This is considered as one of the ideal and best monkeypox treatments. The vaccine called as Vaccinia immune globulin has to be administered on the household workers, the people who work in farm and are in constant touch with the animals, health care workers – they are people who can contract this disease faster as compared to others.

The monkeypox treatments where the cases have been referred to be severe and out of control the medicine known as Cidofovir has been recommended by the experts. This is useful only for those who are in the fatal stage of this disease. There are many antiviral medicines which have been introduced in the market for the treatment of this disease. The latest medicine which has come to the market is ST-246 which has been proved effective for therapeutic, prophylactic and post exposure treatments. There are vaccines which are being developed by Aventis which care supposed to treat the monkeypox. These vaccines are still undergoing the clinical trials and hence waiting for the approval from the experts.

The experts always suggest that the best monkeypox treatments are prevention of this disease among the human beings. It is necessary that the patient should follow the right medication and rest at home. The persons who are more prone to contract the monkeypox should make sure that they isolate themselves from the contact and respiratory areas. This should be strictly exercised to prevent the spreading of the disease. It is not at all advisable to have a direct contact with the lesions or formites. These are infectious and hence always avoid getting in contact with these lesions.

How Tests Are Conducted For Monkeypox Symptoms

In 1970, the disease was seen in humans as well. Through respiratory droplets, this disease gets spread from person to person. If the body fluids of an infected person drops into bedding or clothing and if it is used by any other person then, he may get affected by this disease.

Monkeypox Symptoms

This disease is milder than smallpox and the monkeypox symptoms include rashes, muscle aches, joint aches, fever, fatigue, swelling of lymph nodes, diarrhea, sore throats, breathing problem, mouth sores, headache, feeling discomfort, fluid filled skin bumps, flu like symptoms, etc. For 3 to 7 days, the symptoms are worst and then, the crusts are formed. The pox develops through various stages. After fever, rashes come on the face or other body parts. Smallpox vaccine is used for monkeypox disease however; it is not proven that it will fully cure this disease.

Humans have not used this vaccine as smallpox vaccine discontinued when the smallpox disease was eradicated. The fatality ratios range from 1 to 10% in Africa. Even pets can get this infection so people should be careful about their pets. People should keep away their pets from infected animals so that it does not get spread. Hence, if a pet is dying of monkeypox then, do not bury it in the ground.

Conducting Different Tests

The symptoms of other diseases and monkeypox symptoms are same and so doctors get confused which disease is it. Hence, doctors diagnose each and every symptom properly, history of the patient’s condition and after fully analyzing, they come to know about the disease properly. Doctors try to know about patient’s previous medications and travel history for identifying if the patient has got the disease from that place. Even physical examinations of patients are also done to find out the monkeypox symptoms. There are certain lab tests done if the disease is confirmed and dermatologist treats the disease.

Other tests for dermatitis, chicken pox, scabies, herpes zoster, etc. are also done. Blood samples, electronic microscopy, skin biopsy, throat swab culture test etc are done. Hence, many tests are conducted and then, lastly doctors find the result.

Prevention of Monkeypox

There should be proper hygiene and if any person is coming out of a patient’s room then, they must wash their hands twice to clean themselves. The patient having monkeypox symptoms should be kept separately in different rooms and should not come in contact with anybody. A mask should be there in everybody’s face who is going to meet the patient so that no virus get transmitted to them. The items used by the patient must be cleaned properly and a disposable glove should be used for cleaning all the objects. If any other person gets affected with the same symptom then, he must immediately contact the doctor. The boils on the patient’s body must be covered with full clothing.

However, till now there are no monkeypox treatments as people use the smallpox vaccine as a treatment. The research is going on and there are organizations like the World Health Organization who are working hard to make a medicine for this disease and to reduce the monkeypox symptoms. A person who is affected by this disease may feel sad and their families also get disturbed who are close to that person but they must have confidence in them that they will get cured. Even, pets should get careful treatment so that it does not get spread.